Theatre-Measure for measure shakespeare

I need a 2 page paper about the plot- not a retelling of the story! but did the plot of the production you saw meet the requirements of a good plot as set forth in the text? character-were the characters believable within the world of the play? could you indentify with them? were they complex and interesting characters? Theme-what in your overall opinion of the play is? Diction- could you hear and understand the actors? what language style did the playwright use in telling the story? did the language ring true within the world of the play? Music- Literal use of music and the music of the language. Spectacle- Address all visual elements of the production, scenery, lighting,costumes,etc. looking for honest appraisal of the production you saw. you will not be graded for your opnions. graded for justify or support your opinions. saw if you liked it or not. and why you liked it? be honest no right or wrong responses. just be honest. I loved this play, please write that and the summary is in the google. good grammar no mistakes.

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