Privacy, Surveillance & Dataveillance

full description on the attached files. references: [Clarke, R. (2013). Introduction to Dataveillance and Information Privacy, and Definitions of Terms. Website:] [boyd, d. & Hargittai. E. (2010). \”Facebook Privacy Settings: Who Cares?\” First Monday, 15 (8).] [Lyon, D. (2008). Surveillance Society. Queens University, Canada Talk for Festival del Diritto, Piacenza, Italia: September 28 2008.] [Albrechtslund, A. (2008). \”Online Social Networking as Participatory Surveillance\”, First Monday, Volume 13 Number 3.] [Cohen, N.S. (2008). The Valorization of Surveillance: Towards a Political Economy of Facebook, Democratic Communiqu.]

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