Leadership Philosophy

After interviewing current higher education administrators and studying leadership roles and styles, develop your own leadership philosophy that you would use in administration of higher education. Use at least three sources to support your writing, and use APA style to document your sources. Remember, when you quote or paraphrase someone elses words or ideas, you need to include internal citations within the paper as well as provide a reference page. Your paper should be typed using 12 font and should be 4-5 double-spaced pages.

Culture Foods & Arts

This paper is a book review on my agreements/Disagreements on a book titles \”Pandora\’s Lunchbox\” This book is about processed foods! Please NO PLAGERISM my paper will be scanned through a database. This is my last assignment for this class and must maintain my A!! please pay CLOSE ATTENTION on HIGHLIGHTED AREAS!! This is a book review on my OPINIONS!!! not a book report

Critical narrative of your research findings and analysis of your own business sector (trends, market, growth areas)

Focus on labor market trends (i.e. demand and supply of labour; market growth etc.) and also don\’t forget to include what these findings mean for you and your career specifically o Be sure to incorporate references to support your assertions. o Your analysis must not only be relevant, but links to graduate prospects. For instance, consider how these trends will impact you getting a job. o It may have been useful to complement your analysis through the use of a graph.


ESOL students must be identified and tested for English language proficiency in order to be placed in an ESOL program. Each state has procedures and guidelines for the identification, testing, monitoring, and exiting of English Language Learners (ELLs) in the ESOL program. For this assignment you will create a presentation on the placement, identification, monitoring, and exit process for ELLs in the ESOL program.Using technology for presenting information can enhance learning for the stakeholders, including parents, teachers, and colleagues. Presentation technologies can be in the form of a PowerPoint, Prezi, video cast, Web page (Webinar), or a Web Quest for this assignment. Follow all elements of the rubric in order to be successful with this assignment.FL ESOL Competency 7, Skills, 7.5 Analyze assessment issues as they affect ELLs and determine appropriate accommodations according to ELLs’ varying English proficiency levels and academic levels.Complete the following steps:Describe the purpose and the audience of the presentation.Then state the rationale for the technology selected to produce the presentation.Select the presentation technology of your choice to communicate information on the placement, identification, and exit criteria for ELL students in your state or school district to faculty, parents, or professional colleagues.Provide accurate content to your presentation linked to the topic on the identification, placement, monitoring, and exit process for ELLs in the ESOL program in your school district or state.Include motivating questions and opportunity for audience participation in your presentation.Make the presentation visually appealing and integrate animation, graphics, and sound.For further information review the ESOL information from: The Florida Department of Education http://www.fldoe.org/aala/pdf/final_lep.pdf and the Bureau of Student Achievement through Language http://www.fldoe.org/aala/omspubpg.aspFL ESOL Competency 7, Skills, 7.5: Analyze assessment issues as they affect ELLs and determine appropriate accommodations according to ELLs’ varying English proficiency levels and academic levels.

State the thesis of the readings as a whole as you see it

Examine two readings: Frederic Pryor, \”The Origins of Money,” Journal of Money, Credit and Banking. Vol. 9, No.3. (Aug. 1977), pp.391-409 and \”The Myth of Barter” in David Graeber, Debt: The First 5,000 Years. Brooklyn: Melville House. 2011, pp. 21-41.Summaries the main theme of the two articles.Infer the question that each author of the readings of the unit asks i.e. state the problem that each reading attempts to solve / explore.Summarize the answer the author provided.Describe the evidence she/he uses to support her/his answer.Make sure you connect the readings directly to what you believe was the “thesis” of the unit.

Policy Issue for At-Risk Population

InstructionsSelect an at-risk population (women, racial and ethnic groups, the poor, people of color, gay men and women, children, etc.).Explore a policy issue (different from the policies you selected in previous workshops) related to this population.Write a paper that includes:An overview of the population and related social problemsA description of a policy that impacts the populationA discussion of the impact on the populationA conclusion with a proposal for policy change, discussing how to ensure the change is strengths basedThe paper should be six pages long and must include an APA-formatted reference page listing all references. The reference page and title page do not count toward the six-page minimum.