Business Operations Plan

Create a business operations plan that reflects the operations management of a healthcare business unit that focuses on process engineering, optimization of deliverables, and the logistics and supply chain management for the business unit. Finally, explain how you would communicate your ideas to address the business operations plan to your superiors or Board of Directors. Length: 6-8 page paper (cover page and reference page not included). Use APA style and cite sources in the paper Prepare a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation that reflects the topics that you have presented in your application paper. As you develop this PPT keep in mind that this PPT will be used as part of a presentation of your paper before an audience. For Online students should attach an audio file to each of the PPT slides. You might find this resource helpful or other sources available on the Internet: Face-to-Face students should be prepared to present their presentation before their class at the last session of class

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